Safety First


Our team is our family, whatever needs to be done to make sure they all get home safe each night, are the safety precautions we'll take! F.H. Schmidt, Inc. assures safe and healthful working conditions for and from our team, as well as any person(s) surrounding the area. We accomplish this by providing training, outreach, education, and assistance to all of our employees - by both F.H. Schmidt, Inc.'s company standards, as well as understanding and complying to OSHA regulations and statutes. With added safety we are also qualified "PEC Premier" as we have worked in the petro chemical industry.Our goals are geared toward reducing and minimizing the impact of workplace injuries and illnesses, helping client complaints and disputes, ensuring compliance and awareness about workplace requirements and assuring quality construction operation and maintenance of structures by understanding all codes and licensing delivered by the MN Department of Labor and Industry.