Inspections & Consultations


Attention home buyers and sellers!!!

             Is your relocation company, lending institution, and/or realtor requesting or requiring a foundation inspection?  Are you looking for a competent company to observe, inspect, diagnose, and recommend a solution to a failing foundation or crumbling concrete? 

              With over 45 years in the concrete and masonry industry, F.H. Schmidt, Inc. can take away any worry or second guessing that comes along with the majority of problems that arise in buying or selling a home.


             We can diagnose a problem and write a letter of recommendation (which may be to leave the issue as is, as some issues require no immediate repair).  We have skilled staff members in all areas of work, including concrete and masonry repair, finding solutions to failing foundations, water issues, problems that arise from settling or cracking, and other surface defects that are extremely common to our industry.  


             Please feel free to give us a call and we can further explain our services that could save you thousands down the road.  We service the entire metro area and are very eager to help!